The Cuisine

It is not only neighboring France to have influenced the cuisine of Piedmont, nor a fad or the whims of some aristocrat.

The traditional cuisine of Piedmont, whose origins are very distant in time, was born from the farming inspiration and from who has known to bring to the table, with taste, products of the fields.

So, the family Adriano, in the Agriturismo Adriano, chose to retrace the path of history. Day by day, the family selects the ingredients among the excellences of Langhe and use them for a simple but tasty cooking, varied but never far from what the tradition has commanded over the years.

The meats of Piedmont, the flours of Langa for homemade pasta and the seasonal vegetables are the uncontested protagonists of the table, for a menù able to use, from the appetizer to dessert, only products of the fields.

It is the wine of the Cantina Adriano, genuine and produced in the proprietary vineyards that stud Agriturismo Adriano, to crown the historic and gastronomic journey in Piedmont.